They'd call it "Mensch of the Month." That same night, Hall made the calendar a blog, Facebook group and Twitter handle.

"I just didn't want to go to sleep, and I thought it would be fun to e-mail the Facebook page to friends the next day," Hall said.

When he's not putting out house fires or rescuing kittens, Mr. Kevin Brashem, 25, of Santa Clara likes to cruise down the coast on his motorcycle, go rock climbing and cook.

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The following day, a reporter from the Jewish Daily Forward found the blog and requested an interview.

"I told her, 'Just so you know, the calendar doesn't exist yet,' " Hall said.

Inset: Eligible Dana Hall, whose idea inspired the calendar.

less Top: Stuart Shuffman of the "Broke-ass Stuart" guides; Kevin Brashem, paramedic and motorcyclist; Jed Rich, lawyer.

"I didn't even have a copy - we actually sold 101 copies because I had to sell the proof," Hall said.

"I had wanted to come up with a creative side project for a while, and they say, 'Do what you know.' Well, I know Jewish boys, and I know humor." The women turned the calendar into a fundraising vehicle for SMART, a local nonprofit that works with low-income youth, offering mentoring and tutoring.

Such is the plight of the modern Jewish woman trying to find her counterpart in the city.

Attractive and ambitious, Hall maintains a broad social circle and spends her evenings tutoring youths or taking Krav Maga (Israeli martial arts) classes.

A few years ago, she signed up for JDate, and more recently used the filter on Ok Cupid to search for people who identify as Jewish.

"I also make sure to smile at every cute boy at Trader Joe's," Hall jokes.

I also have zero gaydar whatsoever." Then there's trying to decipher whether there might be shared interests or agreement on religious and cultural values, and Hall says it's like trying to read in the dark.