On the right, you can see some participant's answers (1 = grammatical, 0 = ungrammatical). ) may be familiar if you ever if you ever calculated distances in geometry. The actual number is not especially meaningful -- the more questions in the survey, the larger the distances are going to be -- but what is meaningful is that our participant is closer to Dialect A and so is more likely to speak that dialect.

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The clip is less than a minute long, but trust us when we say to set aside at least 10 minutes when you click the link. Chinese seems to be Xiumin’s one weakness although he has been diligently studying since before debut...hopefully someday we will see his efforts pay off!

Even so, the Chinese members of EXO seem to adore him, but more on that later.

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Take a look at the before and after, and then feast your eyes on the video to see in action what these visual improvements have done to these highly sexual girl on girl encounters.Every action is animated in 3D and plenty of erotic moaning from the females.Girlvania: Summer Lust has been improved in a variety of ways, mainly in terms of visual representation.We are also testing out more sophisticated algorithms.Whenever we have interesting results to report, we will describe them on the findings page and/or our blog.So the algorithm cannot guess that someone's native language is (for example) Japanese until enough Japanese-speaking people have participated in the quiz.