You and Dan [Lissing] sing and play guitar, Erin [Krakow] sings, Mark [Humphreys] plays the drums. Anywhere in life, when I mind my own business, things seem to work out better! If you weren’t playing Bill Avery on the show, which character would you most like to play? During a recent and surprisingly grounded interview with southern-born, Emmy nominated actress, Ashley Jones, international star of soap opera playing Dr.

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We’d race home after the last bell rang to follow the stories of Luke and Laura, Robert and Holly, and then Frisco and Felicia.

This is going to age me, but who doesn’t remember listening to Frisco serenading Felicia with “Lady of My Heart”?

Ashley Jones: (reflecting for a moment with a happy sigh) Really and truly, the bare foundation of acting is the same whether you are doing daytime, primetime, theatre or movies. J.: I have such a family in and working on set has been part of my daily life for so long that Bridget and the show have become part of me, for sure.

Ultimately, it’s listening and reacting, although technique and nuances change quite a bit. I’ve been lucky to work with people who bring a lot to the table daily, like Jack Wagner (as Nick Marone); and Bridget is ever changing, so I don’t get bored.

She is about to fall off her pedestal and become very real and human after she makes a huge mistake.

CH2: Okay, now you have me wanting to watch the show!

You still seem to have a great relationship/friendship. The fact that we’re not married really doesn’t change that. We love each other, respect each other and have gotten past what didn’t work and now really just appreciate each other for who we are. Are there any storylines you hope to see on the show?

Everyone on the cast seems to be musically inclined somehow. Lori and Erin will be background, Kristina will be the dancer, we got it all worked out. I think triangles are great, given what we unveil about Bill’s past and being married or not. I do have input and I do give my opinion and tweak dialogue here and there, but I think the stories they’ve been writing so far have been good so I just mind my business and it seems to work out.

What Ashley has done is catapult herself onto the sets of some of today’s most cutting edge television series such as How does someone succeed in any field?