A lot of people say that Quinn's animosity is because she sees Rachel as a threat to her relationship with Finn, but that's not exactly true.As we can see here, Quinn has been bullying Rachel well before Finn was ever on Rachel's radar screen.It's clear that Quinn goes out of her way to antagonize Rachel. From this exchange, it's obvious why Quinn is in a relationship with Finn: to boost her popularity by being part of a power couple.

Quinn wasn't in a clear state of mind due to the alcohol, and she most likely wasn't eating properly because of feeling fat (in "Home" we get a better idea of what the Cheerios diet consists of and the havoc said diet wreaks on one's mind).

It wasn't love or lust that was driving her to sleep with Puck. Episode 1x05 – The Rhodes Not Taken Surprisingly, there was nothing in this episode that demonstrated Quinn's lesbianism.

Rachel, having discovered that Quinn is pregnant, reaches out to the girl and offers her friendship in spite of their past.

But the part of that conversation that is particularly intriguing to me is this: Quinn: How can you relate to what I'm going through?

Anytime their make out sessions get too heated, Quinn quickly puts a stop to it and makes them pray. Episode 1x02 – Showmance Quinn gives Finn a hard time about him being glee club. I am not giving up those shiny crowns just so you can express yourself. That's a pretty heated gaze, and I'm not sure it's entirely fueled by anger considering how she then proceeds to look at Rachel.

This affords a really convenient excuse for fending off her boyfriend's advances, doesn't it? Quinn: We are in line to become the most popular kids in this school for the next couple years. And again Quinn's at it with the defeminizing insult, this time dishing out "manhands." I don't think I really need to point out just how inaccurate Quinn is about that, but hey, whatever helps her sleep better at night.

The Truth About Quinn Fabray: Glee's Head Bitch in Charge Is a Repressed Lesbian Who Is Secretly in Love with Rachel Berry A few nights ago, my mom and I were talking about Glee, and at one point I mentioned that I truly believed that Quinn was a repressed lesbian.

Or even if she wasn't, she has a massive crush on Rachel.

One could argue that this nullifies the case that I am presenting here, but studies have actually shown that lesbian teens are at a higher risk for pregnancy than their heterosexual counterparts.