It is a wonderful gift and a highly unlikely experience for a show to last this long, so I feel thankful for the experience.

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We find out in June, and if all goes well we will be making more episodes for your enjoyment before long.

We were also nominated for 3 AMPIA awards (you would know what that was if you worked in the Alberta television industry, and then you would be very impressed : ).

Can you tell these two make good company while we wait around on set?

Amber Marshall (Amy), making sure she's got all those lines straight.

Here are a few shots I took out on location in High River, Alberta the other day.

The lovely Jessica Steen (aka Lisa) Shaun Johnston (Grandpa Jack) and Jessica Steen (Lisa).Keep your Birdseed in a re-sealable container in the fridge or freezer, then toss a couple teaspoons into your oatmeal, cereal, salads, yogurt, cottage cheese, protein shakes, etc. Big Freeda can bounce his booty better then any woman, and I the girls from Golden Triangle are my new style icons. I had been looking forward to this Mariachi set more than any show today, and I wans't let down.It’s delicious and your little chick will love it too. ) will be answered here on the with my good pal Chris Austman (My co-star in Bunny Hug, and also an incredible musician who recently won the song writers award for the Calgary Folk Festival). What an incredible idea, take a wicked punk rock band like THE BRONX, and mix in a full Mariachi section, including horns, acoustic guitars, and violin.I found out I was pregnant on my birthday weekend this past July.I had a little break from filming Heartland in Calgary, so I drove up to a cabin in the Kananaskis Valley.Make yourself a mixture of “Birdseed” to feed the little chick growing inside of you.