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This is not so much a game, however this is a MUST watch comic come flash game.

This is about a brother who has his birthday, and his sister has a special present for him.

Now this may seem a little sick, but someone has overlayed their voice on-top of this comic, and it is easily one of the most hilarious (and sexual) flash animations that I have seen in a long time.In the last game you escaped from prison, and now you've fled to Mexico.Your girlfriend has blown all your savings on drugs, and now your in need of some money to continue your adventure.We get asked to recover data in many unique situations and cases, and we’ve decided to share our answers to some common questions.See this post and our FAQ section (in the main menu) for frequently asked questions.Try and scrape together enough to make your escape a success, and see some hot hentai babes whilst your at it.