8/22 The OD Pavilion cam service is never going to be reliable. Someone said the service was back up last night, but I did not catch it. I have tried to reach a live person and feel like I am in one of Dante's circles of hell.

:-) I am trying to contact people but have not had much luck.

I sent an e-mail this morning to the cam person at Harbourgate. 10/13 While a few of the cams are back, we still have a lot of electricity outages in the Myrtle Beach area.

It was decided that new drains would be the answer to this problem.

Throughout the entire spring to summer, residents were forced to avoid the area near the beach due to detours and roadblocks. But when we arrived for the concert we were told that it was called off...to floods!

1/10 My photos from some of the hurricane matthew damage 10/9 Dead Dog's storm video 10/9 The hurricane is gone.

Last night seemed so quiet without the roar of winds. Thousands of people were (and still are) without power, roads under water, and we're srtill under a curfew. It will be awhile before the cams start coming back. Google the words 'matthew myrtle beach' to see what's happening now. 10/8 - PM- I am receiving a lot of e-mails about cams that are out (in addition to the ones I marked.) I think a lot of the problems are the same ones I am experiencing right now. It has been relentless...off, on, off, on, and of course that cuts off all the computers, TV, fridge, lights, washer ...anything that needs electricity.

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Thanks to all y'all cam fans for a record-setting number of indivudual clicks. 10/8 we had 61,544 individual visitors That almost makes me wish for another hurricane! Some of these other non-working cams may meet the same fate.