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Mary visited Dumbarton again during her progress in 1563.

Open all year but not on Thursday/Friday afternoons between March/October.

She sailed on 7th August accompanied by, amongst others, Mary Fleming (daughter of her governess Lady Fleming and related to the Royal House of Stewart), Mary Beaton (relative of the murdered Cardinal Beaton), Mary Livingston and Mary Seton: her Four Maries.

Her mother, Mary of Guise would return to Scotland to rule and would only visit her daughter once before she died in 1560.

She returned to Stirling on her progress in 1562 and at the time of the Chaseabout Raid against her half-brother James, in 1565.

Later, she sent her new-born son there to be looked after by the Earl of Mar.

He signed an agreement with the English King Henry VIII according to which Mary was to marry his son Edward.

Mary’s mother, Marie de Guise refused point blank and took baby Mary to Stirling Castle to protect her from an English kidnapping.

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