Bob was thrilled by the idea, but passed away before it began. N1 can be seen from the hatchery, but visitors to the hatchery should keep their distance from the nest tree, both to respect the private property where the tree is located and to avoid disturbing the eagles. It is hard to tell the difference unless they are both on the nest. This female has an arched ridge above her eyes that goes further back than on the male, and her eyes are surrounded by a greyish shadow; the ridge above the male’s eye is shorter and seems a little closer to the eye.

While Mods spend time learning about the eagles, particularly these eagles, we are not avian/raptor experts.

We try to answer questions with the knowledge and information we know.

From a cold and snowy Iowa, we wish you all the joyous warmth of the season, and hope for a productive spring ahead for our wild friends!

Warm wishes and many thanks to all of our fans and supporters who have helped us in so many ways by spreading awareness, with donations toward our work, by being here to share in the daily lives of the bald eagles at Decorah, the Decorah North Nest, and in Fort St.

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