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I want some information, have any of you ever used the ? This time, I shall be staying with friends and so have to look for a venue. Place had and aura and girls had charm and grace around them which was lacking in Flamingos. I need advise regarding these places: Someone said that Flamingo has beautiful white ladies only in church street. I did manage to get to Hillbrow by Uber in mid afternoon, went to Royal Park Hotel. 2 k does it for me and I buy a lot of drinks and go with 5 or 6 girls. I'm thinking to take a taxi to Hillbrow, Royal Park Hotel / Summit Club, in mid-to late afternoon and taxi back. What can I expect to pay, all in including a few drinks / cokes? Thanks for all help, I don't want to get in trouble there! Recommend using Uber black on the return as there are some pretty feisty metred taxi guys who can cause you problems with Uber X.

I'm very, very interested in kind of girls the sites offer, top blond with quality, and does anyone know what is the average price for an escort as well? Having looked at the various posts and reviews about CT, I like the look and sound of a couple of brothels, in particular, Nauty40. Pole dancers were awesome and possessed really good dancing skills. No girl talked about fuck, only pvt dances were on offer. Hey all, I'm new to the forums and was introduced to this site after struggling to find some nookie in Mauritius. I have heard that if you drop a load of cash you can get some action, but being a local ID rather not spend that sort of money. Never been to one, but hear constant rumors about them being in the CBD. It was as others said, lots of ladies mostly black with a few Chinese. Recommend using Uber black on the return as there are some pretty feisty metred taxi guys who can cause you problems with Uber X. I don't carry cameras or wear any jewelry or watches.

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