Breaking from the traditional format of either luring customers from street corners and seedy spas, prostitution syndicates are making full use of the potentials of the internet and are now brazenly using technology as a means of promoting the world’s oldest profession.

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The traffic comes not only from Malaysia, but also Europe and other countries within the Asian continent.

Further checks suggest that the staggering page views are not only for viewing purposes.

The ‘online brothels’, available via a simple Google search, make no attempt to disguise what is on offer.

Images of scantily-clad women are listed, each bearing details such as the woman’s body measurements, type of service available, their current location, and ultimately, price.

Among the nationalities on offer include China nationals, Thais, Vietnamese and Indonesians.

The sex workers from these countries are usually priced between RM170 to RM200.Frequent customers who engage the services of these syndicates usually also receive SMS alerts on the availability of ‘new stock’ of sex workers.Internet: The Game-Changer for Prostitution Syndicate Concerned Malaysians have pointed out that the existence of these websites can hamper enforcement action from the authorities.A social worker with an anti-human trafficking organization, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said while such sites have reduced the number of pimps on the streets, it has also made it more difficult for police to arrest them.“It is frustrating when you note that such a scheme offers little to zero risk for the pimps.There is no physical contact between the customer and the syndicate members; everything is done via cell phone.