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Last, but not the least, unless you take a step to meet singles, you can’t expect someone to drop into your house and help you fall in love with him or her.

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“Umm” she stuttered, struck by his beauty, “I kinda of broke down a little ways down and my phone doesn’t work could I use your phone.”As i groggly opened the door, I found myself staring at the most beautiful women to ever stand on my stoop, she had perfect eyes, the kind that you could jsut stare into for hours and lose track of time, her hair was the perfect shoulder length almost looked red in the light from my porch, but I could tell it was dirty blonde, her chest was perfect nice 36C’s by my guess, she had nice hips, I hadn’t seen her ass yet but I bet it was amazing. “Uhh I got a truck that can tow you, but the shops not open till my brother gets in tomorrow morning, if you want you can come in a call for someone to get you.” I stepped aside just as Charlie, my golden retriver came to investigate the strange women at the door.

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Benson's tragic past led her to work for the Special Victims Unit.

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Members use criteria other members set, such as age range, gender and location.