The evidential question will be whether that individual accessed or requested the original image deliberately."In general, prosecutors treat these cases on individual bases.Sexting counts as publication under the Obscene Publications Act In 2013, in a landmark case where two adults were prosecuted for privately messaging paedophilia fantasies, the Court of Appeal ruled that online sexting counts as "publication" under the Obscene Publications Act.Does role-play count as a "realistic portrayal of rape" even if the acting is awful?

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So I decided to speak to some twentysomething women from around Ireland to find out how they reconcile life in a modern life in a country that boasts some of the best educated women in Europe (according to a Eurostat survey, 57.9 per cent of Irish women aged 30 to 34 have a third-level education, compared with the EU average of 39.9 per cent), but where abortion is still illegal and you couldn’t buy condoms without a prescription until 1985.

For starters, we’re more likely to still live at home than our British counterparts Four out of 10 young people in Ireland still live with their parents, while Northern Ireland has the highest proportion of young adults living at home in the UK.

Possession is basically the act of viewing something online, and the difference between actively downloading a video and passively clicking an ad on a legal site that takes you to illegal content is still a grey area.

As Myles Jackman, a specialist in obscenity law at Hodge Jones and Allen and @Obscenity Lawyer on Twitter, puts it:"An individual is still in technical possession of an image if it has been cached by a browser.

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So how you get charged, what you get charged with, and what is chargeable will depend on where in the UK you live. Hide in a cupboard, think pure thoughts and, if you must buy lingerie, do it in a shop.

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