Handi Fly participants have also reported an additional double benefit through improved social inclusion and increased functional capabilities.

The overall objective of HFEC is enable the EU member countries to both discover this work and to help them firmly implement the activity in their country through a European network that will, through it’s success and efficiency, become an iconic symbol of the promotion of social inclusion and equal access to Sport for All.

This occasion they give them the opportunity to focus and exchange on the various multiple aspects of Handi Fly.

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For the Olympic Committee, this is a real human right.

Since 2013, the French Parachute Federation has been developing means to enable motor impaired people to practice parachuting (both in freefall and under canopy), parascending (towed canopy flight) and indoor skydiving (body-flying in a wind tunnel).

These different practices have been grouped together under the title “Handi Fly” to show that they give physically disabled people the opportunity to live the dream of Icarus and to fly.

As these different forms of flight require an enormous effort and high commitment from those who participate, they generate a real sense of fulfilment and are very beneficial for both physical and mental health.

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