It was also unsurprising that these same couples who slept in separate rooms had virtually no sex life to speak of .

Without the ability for closeness with his wife, a husband will find other places for his passion such as his job while her desire gets stifled or redirected towards the children.

The bedroom is where lives are made and secrets told.

There are few other places where a couple can be so open with each other or where they can more freely enjoy each other’s affection and sensuality.

Notwithstanding years of sleeping together before, apparently his deviated septum began to cause such a deafening noise that sending him down the hall was the only course of action to get a good night’s sleep Is there another room in the home which provides for a more natural setting for a couple’s intimacy than their own bedroom and particularly their bed?

Just walking into another person’s boudoir makes me uneasy, it’s their sanctuary and their holy of holies, and not for random strangers.

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While this may admittedly be an extreme case it has become almost laughable regarding the number of people I meet who chose to sleep in separate bedrooms months before there was ever the first hint or a discussion about divorce.

What’s even funnier is the excuse for this behavior change seems universal among everyone I’ve met – ‘he snored too loudly’.

So it was a surprise to learn that getting kicked to the in-law suite wasn’t something just soon-to-be divorced guys suffered.

It would seem that married couples, even those not intent on strangling each other in a courtroom, frequently opted for the room mate plan.

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