( I will examine the hijab=protection issue in another post, insha'Allah. From Mexico City to Chicago, this is a male problem.

According to National Crime Records Bureau, the fastest growing crime in India is violence against women.

It is not a stalker – one person, it could be anyone – the tailor, the shopkeeper, that dude in the torn Levis or that older man with a beard.

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It doesn't take much to make a young girl feel dirty, stripped of her dignity.

The Effects of Sexual Harassment on the Victim The effects of sexual harassment vary from person to person, and are contingent on the severity, and duration, of the harassment.

However, sexual harassment is a type of sexual assault, and victims of severe or chronic sexual harassment can suffer the same psychological effects as rape victims.

I was 25 – Cable channels had just started broadcasting a sanitary pad advertisement for the first time in the country, and one of the models wore a hijab.

That summer was the worst summer – everywhere you went you would hear perverted creeps asking you if it was one of I didn't want her memories of visiting Pakistan to be filled with guilt, shame. At the lace shop, she played with faux crystals and and I stood behind her, staring down any one who dared think of touching my child, your child, everyone's child. It is imperative to spread awareness and talk about this issue.

Walking in the streets of this Muslim country was treacherous. I remember getting my ears pierced – a memory so horrid.

'Come behind the counter', he said, I looked at my aunt, hesitant, he looked decent enough.

In 2008, Abul Komsan, the woman's rights activist, polled 1,000 women from all parts of the country. 98 percent of foreign women polled said they had been sexually harassed.