I’ve literally been pissed on and sh*tted on so many times I just don’t understand why they like it (after the 3rd time you get sh*t on you get use to it).

I’ve had to have sex with a male German Shepard dog in front of them, I’ve had to stick numerous objects in my ass and their ass*s as well, I’ve got paid to eat sh*t, I’ve got paid to get beat up, I even had to stick a live Salmon in some 65 year olds man ass…

I especially appreciate the use of “ass*s” as a euphemism by a young lady who is writing to confess that she committed dog and salmon bestiality with Arab perverts.

These are just things to keep in mind day to day when deciding how fossil fuel-rich a lifestyle you’ll pursue.

A portion of your gas bill is going to the enrichment of already obscenely wealthy Arab men who use their wealth for the extremely obscene purpose of flying in women from overseas to work as human toilets.

If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

In addition to its wholesome and affordable fat-bottom working girls, Tacoma has an exceptionally well-run and modestly priced municipal electric system, powered by a robust network of hydroelectric dams in the hinterlands.

This is the lifestyle to which Americans should aspire, and the one that we should fund with our purchasing decisions: domestic renewable energy sources like hydroelectricity and firewood to light and heat the tasteful incall apartments rented by tasteful hookers with tasteful curves.

about 6 months into it one of my girlfriends convinced me to come over to a hotel party with her after Rhino and we could make a couple grand just by sleeping with a guy… now I like anal, I’ve slept with 4 guys at 1 time, and I enjoy kinky stuff… So last Wednesday she calls me and asks me if I want to make 12k for 3 days in St. soon as we walk in, they tell us to get naked and start playing with ourselves… I immediately tell my friend I want to get the hell off this boat but they told me I have to wait till we get back to port and if I don’t participate Im not getting paid and have to find my own flight home…

so like an idiot I went, spent about 45 minutes with my gfriend and the guy and made 50… so we start playing with our toys and there is only a few guys in the room with us watching this and all the sudden this guy started peeing all over us and then tells me to open my mouth so he can piss in it? the stuff I saw these men do to these 3 girls was insane…

The other Gulf satrapies are less overtly brutal to their convicts, but they’re every bit as brutal to their migrant laborers, and their rulers are no less sexually dissolute.

Remember that the US government considers Saudi Arabia one of its most important and enduring allies, and the constellation of Gulf emirates close runners-up. Our leaders provide extensive military and diplomatic assistance to a patchwork of vicious kingdoms whose rulers terrorize their subjects with threats of imprisonment or death over trifles, submit to extortion by international terrorist organizations, and devote their leisure hours to urinating in the mouths of foreign rent girls. We’re part of a daisy chain of violent, amoral state and non-state actors that have one another by the balls. Saudi Arabia isn’t the swing producer that it was a few years ago, but the West has not secured an alternative supply of fuck-you energy. In our defense, though, this can’t possibly be the worst thing that is done with camels in that part of the world.

When I first saw the Wikipedia summary, I thought Google had conflated at least two people.