We like to think blogger Nik Richie had something to do with that piece of television scriptwriting.

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And you want to argue that “C” grade on your term paper? After all, how would air travelers at Sky Harbor that day know Steinmetz was a non-murderous brain researcher, and not a wacko bent on bloodshed? One of them might have conceivably ripped the rifle off his shoulder and gone all Scarface on Terminal 3. He was more interested in showing us all what a bunch of craven sissies we are for not having AR-15s of our own.

And to pick up a venti no-foam latte in the bargain. #5 Jason Hope Jason Hope is a wonderful, charitable human being – and if you don’t believe it, he has nine web domains linking back to his eponymous website, jasonhope.com, where you’ll find the following evidence: “Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist and investor located in Scottsdale, Arizona with a passion for...

One can only begin to imagine the gross distortions of office routinely perpetrated by Mayor Allred, who – according to a report in the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail – continues to take his marching orders from absentee FLDS leader Warren Jeffs, currently jailed in Texas. Profiled on several occasions in the Phoenix New Times, and famed in nativist circles for burning the Mexican flag outside the country’s consulates in Tucson and Phoenix, she’s arguably the most recognizable face of Arizona’s extreme-right anti-immigration caucus, over more closely-placed activists like “Buffalo” Rick Galeener and Glenn Spencer, the head of American Border Patrol. Sonny Barger Never a physically imposing figure in the classic biker-brute mold, the modestly-proportioned Hells Angels founder makes scary hay with steely smarts and shrewdness.

According to the report, Allred and Jeffs corresponded via snail mail in June of 2012, when the mayor sought Jeffs’ opinion on issues ranging from minting Colorado City currency to selecting a new chief of police. Now 75 and living in Cave Creek – where he relocated in 1998 – Barger remains the de facto leader of the world’s best-known and most-feared outlaw motorcycle club, its most recognizable face and most vigorous link to the club’s counterculture Oakland heyday.

" God was silent for a moment and then He spoke softly. "I created You." ~Jim Willis NBSR was formed to provide solutions to reduce the number of homeless German Shepherds in South Carolina's kill shelters through education, behavioral rehabilitation, obedience training and re-homing.

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