Heeft u nog geen account, dan kunt u hier registreren.This weekend, the following was posted on the "2gether The Reunion" Facebook page, run by the four living members from the original band -- Alex Solowitz (Mickey), Kevin Farley (Doug), Evan Farmer (Jerry) and Noah Bastian (Chad): EXCITING NEWS!!!

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Calvert was also linked to another he reportedly met online a short while later.

Luckily, however, his relationship with Brooke Wehr has remained intact, despite her previous concerns on Twitter.

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2gether (usually stylized as 2ge her, 2Ge Her or 2GE HER; pronounced "Together") was an American fictional boy band whose composition, songs, and formation story is a satirical approach to the boy bands of the 1990s, such as New Kids on the Block, 'N Sync and Backstreet Boys.

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After weeks of rumors, Brooke Wehr shared a photo of Calvert on Twitter on September 30, confirming they were still dating.

, Calvert’s ex-wife, Messer, has had an extremely strained relationship with the Simms, so seeing them spend time with Calvert and Brooke Wehr likely didn’t sit too well with her.

It seems that there's a solid date in place for a 2gether reunion!